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FREE SHIPPING this week on Mother's Day cards!

Mother's Day is May 11th and I've just listed a couple of funny cards that are perfect for real life Moms. And let's face it, if your Mom survived raising you, she's got both a queen-sized sense of humour AND more than a passing acquaintance with real life. Get your cards here and here and use the code MOM14 for FREE SHIPPING. (Psst ... the code works on more than just Mother's Day cards, but only til the end of the week!)


with apologies to minivan-driving moms. or not.

I've been driving a minivan for four days thanks to a glitch in the complicated part of my normal not-a-minvan ride. If I never have to drive one again, I'll die a happy woman.

In the meantime, the dog is thrilled to be chauffeured to the beach for swims and frequent sandy romps. He loves the minivan. And I love not planning on ever vacuuming it.


is it that three quarters of the year again?

Hockey Season: a September through May kind of commitment around here. And that's only because it's against my religion to enter arenas during the summer. I swear my kids wear their skates for more hours than their sneakers, winter boots and flip flops combined.


when september feels like november

Even my drawings are not impressed with the sudden drop in temperature. Someone stop me -- I want to take out my down coat.


Who likes cupcakes? 


I'm super-pleased to announce that carolyndraws magnets, letterpress stationery and prints are now available at Life is Sweet, A Cupcake House in the Beach! Head on over to 2328 Queen Street East and check out the best cupcakes around, along with lovely carolyndraws paper goods to match -- I kid you not! Cupcake magnets, letterpress notes and prints are all there, along with most of my other designs. 

If you walk, you can work off your second cupcake :)


More stamps!


Check out the new stamps I've designed for Purple Onion Designs ... if you're into scrapbooking, crafting or card making, Purple Onion has some great designs (ahem, if I do say so myself!) There's a sale on now, so head on over and grab them while you can!


Going Back to (high) School 



I'm starting a rather ambitious new project -- a painting. 

"Yay!", you say.

And "Yay!", I say too, despite quite possibly being the only art director ever to complete four years of art college without laying a drop of paint on a canvas.

But I did in high school, thanks to my beloved art teacher Mrs Calleja, and I remember the perils of paint well.

So much so that before I even bought my supplies, I made a list of potential pitfalls to take with me to the store. There, I confirmed that I'd have to paint on paper -- water based paints like gouache don't adhere well to primed canvases and also need to be framed behind glass for the most part (also more challenging with canvases). And that watercolour paper still buckles and ripples when you paint on it. (So much for there being technological advances in the 25 odd years -- ouch -- since high school.) 

Thankfully, Mrs Calleja taught us how to stretch paper one semester and I still sort of remembered. So today, I broke out the masonite board, paper, sponge and water and gave it a go.

First, I cut sample papers to size. (I'm starting small to get the feel of painting again before I tackle the huge painting I have planned.) Then, I soaked them in cool water for a few minutes. Meanwhile, I cut pieces of gummed paper tape a little bit longer than the width and height of each paper. I let the excess water drip off my sheet of paper and flattened it onto my board, wiping it down with a sponge to get rid of any air bubbles and absorb extra water. Then, I wet the tape and stuck down each side, overlapping the paper edge by about 1/2" on all sides (also running over each tape with the sponge to get rid of water and bubbles.)

Now, it will dry. And hopefully, if I've done it right, be ready for painting.

I'll let you know if I was really worthy of that A in art class :)



I love antique typewriters.

I don't know why. They just look so quaint and reliable. Plus, I promise if you ever get the chance to use one, you'll feel like you should have cat's eye glasses on a chain around your neck and a very severe haircut. (In the hippest possible way, of course.) In my dreams, I have a little black antique typewriter with beige keys. 

And a turn table.


Beaches Arts & Crafts Show -- June 8th & 9th!


It's that time again ... this coming weekend, June 8th and 9th, I'll be in Kew Gardens at the Beaches Arts & Crafts Show. Booth 89, near the middle of the Show area, near the food, will be my temporary home. Do stop by and see what's new, say hi and pick up your Teacher appreciation gifts (calendars! magnets! letterpress notes!). I look forward to seeing you and have my fingers and toes crossed for a sunshiney weekend for this last show before summer.




I've been awful about updating my blog since the New Year -- what with the Spring One of a Kind Show, new collaborations, lots of adventures and print runs happening. (Presumably I'd have much to talk about. And yet.)

I could vow to update more often, and I do (again). We'll see what summer brings ;)

Good news. Today I have a little peek at what I'm printing in advance of the Beaches Arts and Crafts Show June 8 & 9th ... A second run of "Congrats on the Tiny Human" cards. My first large batch ran out!

Get them while they're fresh and visit me the weekend after next in Kew Gardens. I'll be in Booth 89 hoping for a sunshiney weekend. See you there!